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1.   Analisis Kohesi Gramatikal Dan Leksikal Teks Lisan dalam Bahasa Waijewa

        Dr. Magdalena Ngongo,0000
    Peer Review .......

2.   Hubungan Logis Antarklausa dalam Teks Bahasa Waijewa

        Dr. Magdalena Ngongo,0000
    Prosiding .......

3.   Systemic Analysis of Grammatical Metaphor in Text of Waijewa Language

        Dr. Magdalena Ngongo,0000
    Peer Review .......

4.   Systemic Analysis of Text Theme in Waijewa Language

        Dr. Magdalena Ngongo,2006
    Peer Review - Prosiding 6th International Seminar on Austronesian - Non Austronesian Languages 6-7 November 2016 .......

5.   Introduction to Information System (sample)

        Cristine Redoblo,2013
    Just a sample for building this repository sistem as a dummy infromation .......